Understanding Reality  - A Meditation Retreat on Emptiness

Dec 30, 2016  - Jan 1, 2017 |  At Edenvale Retreat Centre, Abbotsford

Ordinarily, we never question the existence of things they way we experience them. However, the way things appear to our senses is deceptive and completely contradictory to the way in which they actually exist. Things appear to exist objectively, independent of our mind, but in reality, nothing exists in this way at all. Everything exists merely dependently, subjectively. Because we don’t know this, the way we live our lives is out of sync with reality and leads to untold problems for ourselves and others and prevents us from understanding how meaningful our lives could be and what we could really do with them.

During this meditation course, we will learn to meditate on 'emptiness', or ultimate truth, which is the utter lack of the kind of existence we’ve always believed in. Through meditating on the truth we can free our minds from the bonds our mistaken perceptions and beliefs and finally connect with reality as it does exist. Even a slight insight into this can profoundly change our lives for the better.

Gen Thekchen and Gen Sanden will explain all this and more following meditations from Geshe Kelsang’s latest book,” The Oral Instructions of the Mahamudra”. Everyone welcome!

The Teachers

The retreat will be co-taught by Gen Thekchen and Gen Sanden.  

Gen Kelsang Thekchen is the Resident Teacher at Kadampa Meditation Centre Vancouver is well known for his simple, practical and humorous teachings, making them easy to practice in daily life.    

Gen Kelsang Sanden is the  Resident Teacher at KMC Fraser Valley is well loved for his sense of humour and the clarity of his teachings.







The retreat will begin Friday evening and end Sunday late afternoon.  The days will consist of guided meditations and some teaching in each session, and time to enjoy nice walks in the woods around the property around Edenvale Retreat Centre.   

Friday 30 Dec, 2016

5.00pm onwards:  Registration
6.00-7.00pm:  Light Dinner
7.30-9.00pm:  Session 1

Saturday 31 Dec, 2016

6.30-8.00am:  Breakfast
8.30-10.00am: Session 2
10.45am-12.15pm: Session 3
1.15-2.15pm: Lunch
3.30-5.00pm: Session 4
6.00-7.00pm: Dinner
7.30-9.00pm: Session 5
(optional): 11pm-12am: Avalokiteshvara (Buddha of Compassion) Prayers to ring in the New Year

Sunday Jan 1, 2017

6.30-8.30am:  Breakfast
9.00-10.15am: Session 6
10.45am-12.15pm: Session 7
1.15-2.15pm: Lunch
2.30-3.30pm: Session 8
4.00-5.00pm: Session 9


Venue: Edenvale Retreat Centre, 4330 Bradner Road Abbotsford, BC V4X 1S8

Map & Directions: http://www.edenvaleretreat.ca/map-to-the-center
Parking: Free parking at Edenvale Retreat Centre

Registration is now closed.

We can not accept any registrations after Dec 26th.

Accommodation onsite at Edenvale Retreat centre is available and offers you the full experience of being away on retreat. However, you may also travel in each day.
Shared rooms (male): 2-5 beds / shared room
Shared rooms (female): 2-5 beds / shared room
Double Rooms: 1 Double bed in a private room. (Book whole room, for 2 people)

Shared washrooms. Linens and towels provided. If you have any special requests or questions about accommodation please email admin@kmcvancouver.org.

The retreat offers wonderful vegetarian meals. Options for vegans and other dietary requirements are available, please indicate in your registration form.

If you cancel on or before Dec 26 2016, we will refund all except a non-refundable 25% deposit. If you cancel on, or after, Tuesday December 27, 2016, no refunds are given if you cancel all or part of your booking. Exceptions to the 25% non-refundable deposit may be made in circumstances such as sickness or bereavement; you should apply by e-mail to the KMC Vancouver Admin Director at admin@kmcvancouver.org by December 31st. Any refund of the non-refundable 25% deposit is purely discretionary and may be subject to the deduction of any direct costs incurred by the Retreat.

Course cost : $315-with 2 nights accommodation & meals    |   $205-sessions and meals only



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