Sat 22 - Sun 23 April

Location: KMC Vancouver 1833 Victoria Diversion, Vancouver


The foundation of the Buddhist way of life is to go for refuge to Buddha, to guide us along the spiritual path to enlightenment; to Dharma (Buddha’s teachings), the opponent to delusions, the source of all our suffering; and to Sangha (those practising Buddha’s teachings) to inspire us, show a good example and to help us along the path to inner peace.

The purpose of this retreat is to deepen our experience of refuge.
A retreat is a time when we reduce our normal worldly activities and concentrate for a period of time on developing spiritual qualities and peaceful minds.

You are welcome to drop-in to any or all of the retreat sessions. There will be four retreat sessions per day consisting of chanted prayers, a short teaching and guided meditation. Previous experience is helpful but not necessary.

You can come to one or more of the following sessions.

This is a non- residential retreat. Coffee and tea available. No meals provided.
Course costs:
drop in per session - $7 / session
Sat or Sun only - $20 / day
Sat & Sun - $40
Free for members



Sat Apr 22
Introduction Teaching: 10 - 11.15am
Retreat session: 11.45am – 1.00pm
Retreat session: 2:30– 3.45pm
Retreat session: : 4.30 – 5.45pm

Sun Apr 23
Retreat Sessions:
S1: 9 - 10.30am
S2: 11.30am – 1.00pm
S3: 2:30– 4pm
S4: 5 – 6:30pm


Kadampa Meditation Centre Vancouver,  1833 Victoria Diversion, Vancouver, B.C. V5N 2K2 Map
(Victoria Drive turns into Victoria Diversion briefly between 20th and 18th Avenue just before it becomes Commercial Drive)

Email:  Telephone: 604.221.2271