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Everyone welcome!


For this Edenvale retreat, DESCRIPTION.



Check-in:  5pm to 6:45
Dinner:    5:30-6:30pm
Session 1:   7pm-8:45 pm – Our precious human life and its impermanence


Breakfast:  6:30-8:00 am
Session 1:   8:15-10:00am  – The causes of refuge and refuge itself
Session 2:  10:30-12:15  – Karma and the determination to attain liberation
Lunch:     12:15-2:30pm
Session 3:   3:30-5:15pm – Removing ignorance, entering the path to liberation, true cessations
Dinner:     6:15-7:15pm
Session 4:  7:30-9:15pm – Cherishing all living beings and universal compassion


Breakfast:  6:30-8:00am
Session 1:  8:15-10:00am – The supreme good heart and the six perfections
Session 2:  10:30-12:15pm – Yogic direct perceivers and the absorption of cessation
Lunch and chat:  1:00-2:30pm


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Gen Kelsang Sanden

Gen Sanden is a Canadian Buddhist Monk who was born in Vancouver and has lived in the Lower Mainland for most of his life.  He is currently the Resident teacher of both Kadampa Meditation Centre Vancouver and Dorjechang Kadampa Buddhist Centre in Abbotsford.

Gen Sanden is well loved by many people for his clear and inspiring teachings, making Buddhism and meditation come alive. He has been a student of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso for many years and has been studying in the Kadampa Tradition for over 10 years.




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Please register by [ENTER DATE] – no registrations taken after this date

To register, email: dorjechang.registrar@gmail.com
Phone: 604.853-3738

All sessions, meals, and accommodation: $ 295
Sessions and meals only/no accommodation: $185

Friday only: $25
Saturday only: $105
Sunday only: $55
Friday and Saturday with one night’s accommodation: $185
Saturday and Sunday with one night’s accommodation: $215

All prices include vegetarian meals. For gluten and dairy-free options or other special meal considerations,  contact the registrar before [ENTER DATE]dorjechang.registrar@gmail.com

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Edenvale Retreat and Conference Centre
4330 Bradner Road
Abbotsford, BC Map

For further information, contact the Dorjechang Kadampa Buddhist Centre at: 604.853.3738