Class Dates
JUN3 (7-8:15pm) & 4 (3 sessions & OSG)

Sat 3 Jun - Sun 4 Jun
with Gen Kelsang Sanden
Sat 3 Jun - Sun 4 Jun
Gen Kelsang Sanden

Location: Commercial Drive · Kadampa Meditation Centre - Vancouver 1833 Victoria Diversion

Cost: FREE
A special day of retreat at KMC Vancouver

Every day we remember the extraordinary kindness of Venerable Geshe-la, our Root Guru and Founder of the New Kadampa Tradition, but on this auspicious day, with minds of rejoicing and gratitude, we will offer him our faith through using the special prayer Request to the Holy Spiritual Guide Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso from his Faithful Disciples and collecting our Guru’s name mantra in a one-day retreat.

On Saturday June 3rd, in the evening, there will be an introduction to the retreat; on Sunday June the 4th there will be three sessions of self-guided retreat using the sadhana The Hundreds of Deities of the Joyful Land According to Highest Yoga Tantra and the special request prayer.  In the evening, the retreat will conclude with Offering to the Spiritual Guide.

Everyone is welcome to take part.


Saturday June 3 

7-8:15 pm Introduction with Gen Sanden

Sunday  June 4

8-9:15 Retreat session (unguided)

10-11:15 Prayers for World Peace

12-1:15  Retreat Session 2 (unguided)


5:15-6:30pm Retreat session 3 (unguided)

7:00pm  Offering to the Spiritual Guide (Gen Sanden presiding)



Gen Kelsang Sanden is a close disciple of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, having studied under him for over 20 years He is a western Buddhist monk and the Resident Teacher at Kadampa Meditation Centre Vancouver. He shares Buddha’s teachings with clarity, humour and kindness which makes them accessible to everyone. Through his humility and deep understanding of Buddha’s teachings, Gen Sanden provides an inspiring example of a contemporary Buddhist practitioner we can follow.

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