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Chanting prayers of this kind is immeasurably meaningful and indispensable to our meditation practice as we proceed along the path. If you want to pick your meditation practice up, or your ability to practice the teachings and meanings of the teachings outside of meditation, it would be impossible to beat this practice.

We engage in Offering to the Spiritual Guide every 10th and 25th of the month and also for special Buddhist Calendar dates.

On any of these occasions, use this link


at the posted time… click on it a few minutes before start ideally.

Offering to the Spiritual Guide is a special Guru Yoga of Je Tsongkhapa that is a done on the 10th and 25th each month to increase our compassion, wisdom, and spiritual power. This practice includes a special food ‘tsog’ offering so you can dedicate a vegetarian food offering  if you wish. Everyone is welcome! You can either pick up a copy of it at the centre through arrangement with the admin director at admin@meditateinvancouver.org or download a digital copy from the web at tharpa.com/ca.

If you have any inquiries please email: info@kmcvancouver.org

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