Sat 15 Dec - Sun 16 Dec
Gen Sanden

Location: Commercial Drive · Kadampa Meditation Centre - Vancouver 1833 Victoria Diversion

Cost: $5 / session (free for members)

This meditation and recitation practice is an extremely powerful method for purifying our mind and actions. Through purifying all the negative potentialities in our mind, we remove the causes of our future suffering and overcome all obstacles to a successful spiritual practice. We’ll come to experience the deep peace and joy that arises from a pure mind.

More often than not, our experience of negativity and problems in our life can feel like objective reality. Meanwhile, the lasting happiness of enlightenment often feels like an unattainable goal.

All Buddhas specifically appear in the form of Buddha Vajrasattva to purify the minds of living beings. Through receiving the blessings of this Buddha, we can purify the negativities in our mind and begin to experience our limitless potential for a deeply meaningful and happy life.


Gen Sanden will briefly explain the practice at the beginning of the first session on Saturday.

8:00 -9:30am | Unguided Vajrasattva purification practice
10:30 to noon |Unguided Vajrasattva purification practice
1:30 to 3pm | Unguided Vajrasattva purification practice
3:45 to 5pm Unguided Vajrasattva purification practice


Cost: $5 / session (free for members)

If you have any inquiries please email:

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