Cost: $5 or $15 per class, depending on the class.
(free for members but you still need to register)

*Most classes will be available for one week after the class is live-streamed or airs!  (see below)

These classes offer step-by-step guidance on the meditation practices that will lead us to lasting inner peace and happiness.  Together, we will engage in an intense and meaningful exploration of this practice, called Lamrim, the essential meditation of Kadampa Buddhism.
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TUESDAYS| 7-8:30 PM | HOW TO SOLVE OUR HUMAN PROBLEMS – PRE-RECORDED (recording available for one week)
Normally, we are so focused on solving external problems that we completely ignore our inner problem of how we react to difficulties. As a result difficulties remain and often grow.

Training in meditation helps us to respond to all of life’s circumstances, including the difficult ones!, with a calm, positive, constructive state of mind. The more we do this, the more flexible, resilient and strong our mind becomes.
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These online classes are a deep exploration of emptiness, the  true nature of phenomena. Emptiness is the way things really are. It is the way things exist as opposed to the way they appear.

By meditating on emptiness with a compassionate mind to attain enlightenment to benefit all living beings, we can realize our potential as a being and accomplish the meaning of our human life, permanent liberation from suffering and the supreme happiness of enlightenment. 
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WEDNESDAYS | 12-12:30 PM | 30 MINUTE MEDITATIONS – PRE-RECORDED (recording available for one week)
Join us for these brief 30 minute meditation sessions that you can fit into your work day easily and will make the second half so much better!  Each class includes some description of the meditation featured that day, its practical benefits in daily life, and at least 15 minutes practicing the meditation itself. Enjoy!
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THURSDAYS | 7-8:30 PM | DAILY LIFE MEDITATIONS – LIVE-STREAMED (recording available for one week)
These classes are a fun deep dive into Buddhist advice for daily life.
-Create the causes of real happiness inside
-Stop sabotaging your own happiness
-Genuinely improve your personal qualities and what you bring to every situation in life…
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FRIDAYS | 10:30-11 PM |  MEDITATIONS FOR NIGHT OWLS – PRE-RECORDED (recording available for one week)
Be guided in meditations on the stages of the path, called Lamrim.  These meditations are the essential meditations of the Kadampa Tradition. Extraordinarily practical, powerful meditations that can make all the moments of your life more and more joyful and meaningful. Come join us to see for yourself!
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When registration and payment are complete, you will receive a link with instructions on how to access the class.

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These classes are being live-streamed for the residents of the Greater Vancouver area, the Lower Mainland and Northern BC.

If you live in Surrey, the Fraser Valley or Okanagan your home centre is KMC Fraser Valley. Please register for their classes here. If you live on Vancouver Island your home centre is Bodhichiita Centre. Please register for their classeshere.