Our Classes

Class Format

All of our meditation classes are drop in and are practical and valuable to everyone - including those who are coming to their very first class.
What can we do with meditation? We can change our minds and so change our life. We can become a truly happy person, develop the power to keep calm in difficult conditions or situations, remember to be grateful for any good conditions we have, learn to respect and care for others, amongst some of the more immediately obvious benefits. At a deeper level, we can develop spiritual understandings and experiences that will take us step by step towards attaining enlightenment, a state where we have fulfilled all our own wishes and can help all others fulfill theirs.
Each class also includes instructions on how to engage in practical meditations of Kadampa Buddhism and how to use the instructions throughout the day. We learn how to carry the meaning of our meditations into all our actions so that their profound meanings gradually penetrate all aspects of our life, bringing great benefit both to ourselves and others - ultimately to the world. These classes also have great value for e the most advanced meditators. There is something for everyone and everyone is welcome.

Our classes are run entirely by volunteers who are giving their time and energy to help make these teachings and meditations available to everyone. We hope that everyone who comes can see how they really work to make a better world for everyone. If you’re inspired by what you experience become one of our volunteers and experience the joy of helping others and the world in this magical way!