Daily Chanted Prayers @ KMC Vancouver

Join us for chanted prayers at the centre, online (and in person when that becomes possible again). These beautiful chanted prayers help us to receive inspiration, increase peace throughout the world and make great strides in our internal development. By drawing close to the enlightened beings we develop a calm, balanced mind and awaken our own potential for enlightenment.

Below is a list of the pujas we practice together at the centre. Please check the schedule below. All pujas are free of charge. Everyone is welcome and we have a universal zoom link for these prayer practices for everyone.

Heart Jewel
prayers for wisdom, compassion and spiritual protection

Wishfulfilling Jewel

An extensive practice of Heart Jewel with tsog offering ceremony

Offering to the Spiritual Guide
prayers for spiritual guidance and inspiration

Melodious Drum
extensive prayers for spiritual protection (3 1/2 hours)

Liberation from Sorrow
prayers to mother Tara

Powa Ceremony
prayers of compassion for  the recently deceased

Daily Chanted Prayers Schedule